Goodbye Korea Series | Junnie

Junnie has been our greatest and closest dongsaeng (little brother) in Korea. We met him through another dongsaeng, Daehwannie. The first year that we were here, Markus and I put ourselves out there and tried to meet a lot of Korean people. We wanted to have the full Korean experience. Through these past two years, friends have come and gone and Junnie stayed with us through it all. There really is no one like him and I'm so thankful that he's our dongsaeng.

For our final dinner together, we decided to eat chicken. The first night we met Junnie was at a chicken and beer place. We were meeting with another dongsaeng and Junnie was a close friend of his. Markus and I almost cancelled, but I'm glad we didn't because we could've missed out on meeting him. He's probably one of the nicest and kindest people I've ever met. Junnie always thinks about other people. He's so thoughtful and always puts others before himself. There aren't many people in the world like him and he's become so important to us.

We spent our last dinner together doing what we always do, just hanging out. Even though Junnie isn't fluent in English and we aren't fluent in Korean, we're really close. We always have a great time talking and laughing. We spent around three hours at a cafe playing Pictionary and talking about our hopes, dreams and the future. We ended the evening listening to Markus and I on the radio with Midnight Rider. It was a great evening and I'm really sad to say goodbye to Junnie. I wish I could pack him in our suitcase and bring him back with us. I'm so thankful for his friendship these past two years!