Calton Hill | Edinburgh, Scotland

This week, I was catching up with our dear British friends, James and Ari. We met them while we were teaching ESL in South Korea. When they left Korea we were so sad that Markus made a video. We loved them so much that we even planned to visit them in the fall of 2012 and tour the UK together. When we were catching up earlier this week, they told me they were going to Edinburgh for the weekend. It reminded me of our trip and that I still had heaps of photos to post. The first of which are from my favorite place in Edinburgh, Calton Hill. As I was going through and editing photos, I was really sad. It's been two years since we've seen James and Ari. We've visited some amazing places in South Korea and the UK. Hopefully, we'll be able to reunite again one day in the States and go on more adventures!

Buckingham Fountain | Chicago, Illinois

Back in September, we went to the city with our dearest friends and roommates Ashley and Zack. Since I've never been to Chicago, we tried to fit in a ton of places. We pretty much walked all over the city. While we were at the Bean we decided to walk over to Buckingham Fountain. I didn't know that this was the same fountain featured in the Married with Children opening. As soon as I found that out, I couldn't stop singing "Love and Marriage".

We spent most of our time trying to take pictures of each couple. At one point an Indian lady walked right in front of the camera when Zack was taking pictures of us. She was completely oblivious and had no idea what was going on even though we were laughing hysterically. It was pretty awesome and the highlight of my day.

We spent a decent amount of time trying to get a serious picture out of Ash and Zack but they shined the most when they were being themselves. I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. I love these pictures of them and I think I would blow them up and hang them on my wall. That's how much I love them. We always have a great time with Ash and Zack and they're definitely an extremely amazing bonus to living a wonderful city.

Goodbye Korea Series | Gloria and Seulhee Unnie

One of the things I miss the most about Korea are our friends. We met some amazing and wonderful people while we lived in Busan. I never thought that I would meet people that would become life long friends. Two people I miss the most are my unnies (Korean for older sister), Seulhee and Gloria. I met them through Markus, when they all worked on the Magic English Bus together. I really think they were the best thing to come out of that experience. When I met them, we instantly clicked and I knew I found my true unnies.

We would meet once a month, usually on Wednesdays, for dinner and drinks. I was always excited, because we would stay out really late eating delicious food, drinking too much soju and talking about life. They were more than just friends, they became like family. They knew everything about us and we knew all about them. We never ran out of things to talk about and they always had great advice. Sometimes, I wish that we could go back to our Wednesday night dinners. I truly cherished the time that we had with them and I'm anxiously waiting for the day that we can meet again!

Eats with Jeff #11: Grand Finale

It's been a long time coming, but I finally edited the photos from our final "Eats with Jeff". I can't believe that this was six months ago and that we've been in America for six months. Anyway, on this last eats we finally met Jeff's beautiful girlfriend Allison. I was bummed that we didn't get to hang out sooner. It would've been nice to have her along for all our eating adventures. She's really sweet and a perfect match for Jeff.

For our final meal, we decided to go to a crab restaurant. In the two years that we lived in Korea, we never ate crab and it's one of my favorite foods. We spied this fancy crab restaurant in Seomyeon during one of our other outings. Jeff researched the place a bit to make sure it was good and fitting for our final eats. I have to admit that I don't remember much about the food, but I do remember that I liked it. I mean we ate everything on the table, so it had to be good right?! Unfortunately, Jeff told me recently that the restaurant closed. It's the sad fact that in Korea the restaurant business is a competitive business. Restaurants are always opening and closing regardless if they're good or not.

After dinner, we went to our favorite coffee shop, Tokyoloose. It was great seeing Jeff and Allison interact. She's really funny and full of aegyo or cuteness, which I love. In the short time that we were spent together, I could tell she was bringing the best out in Jeff.

I really miss these outings with Jeff. It's been a bit hard being back home. We're starting over in a new city and it's easy to reminisce about the good times in Korea. I wish that we could've spent more time together. Jeff is a great friend and I'm thankful for the short time we had together. I'm looking forward to the next time we meet and we can have another "Eats with Jeff"!