Gundam Cafe | Tokyo, Japan

While we were exploring Akihibara, Tokyo's Electric District, we saw heaps of Gundam goods everywhere. Since we were in the famous neighborhood, naturally we would have to make a quick stop at the Gundam themed cafe. Markus and I aren't fans of Gundam and I don't know much about it. Honestly, I was more of a Macross fan growing up. It was still exciting to be able to visit a place dedicated to the beloved series. The drinks were quite tasty and I enjoyed looking at all the fan art on the wall. I love that Japan has places that are dedicated to their geeky offerings. I wish there were more places like this in the States! 

Ghibli Museum | Mitaka, Japan

Back when Markus and I first started dating, he introduced me to the world of Hayao Miyazaki with Spirited Away. Afterwards, I watched every Miyazaki film I could get my hands on. Some I liked, better than others, but nothing was like Spirited Away. When I found out that we could visit a museum dedicated to Miyazaki's films and works, I planned a whole day around it.

One of the highlights of our Japan trip was the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Japan. Unfortunately we were unable to take photos inside the museum, but we took heaps of photos outside. The museum was really interesting and enjoyable. We explored the grounds, saw exhibits of his concepts and even a mock-up of his office. It was incredible being able to step into the mind of a creative genius. Even though the museum is off the beaten path, it's definitely worth the trip and a great way to spend the day.

Kyoto Style Sushi at Izuju | Kyoto, Japan

While in Kyoto, I ate one of the best meals of my life at Izuju. Izuju specializes in Kyoto-style sushi, which is a bit more creative than sushi that we're accustomed to. I'm not a huge fan of mackerel but Izuju made me a believer. They pickle the mackerel, which gives it this flavor that is incredibly delicious. For one of their signature rolls, Sabazushi, they fill the entire body of the fish with rice. I thought it might be too meaty or fishy, but it was so tasty and I wished that more sushi rolls were like that. The rest of the sushi was just as good and I was glad that we ordered a variety. The meal itself wasn't too expensive and worth the money. It was one of my top three meals for sure and one that I will never forget!

Toei Kyoto Studio Park | Kyoto, Japan | 3 of 4

Warning, the next two installments of the Toei Kyoto Studio Park are going to be super geeky. If you are uninterested, take a moment to peruse my other offerings from our Japan trip. Maybe a glance at the stunning Arashiyama Bamboo Groves or the magnificent Fushimi Inari Shrine? If you are a super geek like Markus and I, get ready to fulfill your otaku dreams with some Super Sentai.

If you were anything like us as kids, you devoted some of your television time to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I have to admit that I was clueless to it's original Japanese counterpart, but not Markus. He knew all about the original predecessors. As a kid from the early 80s, he spent afternoons watching Spectreman, Ultraman and Godzilla. That's why spent an obscene amount of time in this part of the theme park. I didn't mind though, anything to make the boy happy!

Toei Kyoto Studio Park | Kyoto, Japan | 2 of 4

So this one time, I travelled to a far away land called Japan. In the beautiful city of Kyoto, I found a village that was somehow lost in time. It was the middle of August and the days were long and hot. I was incredibly parched as I walked through the village. When I thought I would die of dehydration, I saw this well. Luckily, a handsome gentleman offered to fetch me some water. I believe I would've perished if it weren't for him.

Okay, but seriously, can we just talk about how dreamy my husband is? He's gonna be so embarrassed. Oh well! I can't help it if I'm one lucky lady.