You Only Get One Chance | Typography

Words to live by my friends. Years ago when Markus and I lived in Florida, we used to watch heaps of Man vs Wild. We spent many afternoons following Bear Grylls and his adventures, hoping that one day we would do the same. One of my favorite episodes featured Iceland and we dreamed about visiting. I can't believe that years later we would have our own adventure in Iceland just like him!

Movin' On Up

I thought this day would never come, but it's finally here. Markus and I are moving to the city! We spent a year in the burbs and while they've been pleasant, it just isn't for us. The past six months were very challenging and it seemed pretty dismal. I was starting to get discouraged, but then things started to fall into place. We found an awesome apartment in Logan Square, one of the best neighborhoods in the city. Also after five months of patiently searching for the right job, I found it! I'll be working for an awesome company in the Loop, the heart of downtown. It all still seems so surreal, but it's really happening and I'm so excited for this new chapter in our lives. I can't wait to share all of our new adventures with you, my dear readers!

Goodbye Korea Series: Busan English Library

I don't know why it's taken me 10 months to post these pictures, but at least I'm posting them. Towards the end of my time in Korea, I have to admit that I was frustrated. Homesickness really got to me and I had to work with a really inconsiderate person. Due to this, I left Korea happily. Now, ten months out, I really miss it, especially the library. Sometimes, we get so caught up in how we're feeling at the moment.  Working at the library was really one of the best jobs I've ever had and I truly miss every single person there.

For my goodbye dinner, they took me to Korean BBQ, since it's my favorite. Afterward, we went to noreabang and sang to our hearts content. It was a great evening spent with my favorite co-workers.  I even received a few gifts, including shoes for my future baby! In the two years I worked at the library, I made so many good memories, too many to name. I'm so thankful for having the opportunity to work at the Busan English Library and it will always be a cherished time in my life!

Mommyo & Me

Mommyo and I quickly took these photos the last day she was in Chicago. When I came back to Tampa after two years, we really wanted to do Glamour Shots. We've done them twice and we thought it would be hilarious to do them again. Sadly, there wasn't a location in Tampa and we had to forgo that dream. At least we have these. They might not be up to the caliber of Glamour Shots, but they'll do just fine.

Near Death Experiences | Tampa to Chicago Road Trip

Driving from Tampa to Chicago in a moving truck isn't necessarily my ideal road trip. It was even worse that we had to lug a car behind the truck too. A trip that should've taken about 18 hours turned into days. It was really slow moving and the we had a close call near Atlanta.

Markus and I were driving on I-95 when a car drove up next to us honking his horn. Markus and I assumed that the alarm on the car was going off. I motioned to the man that it was fine and I knew. He kept honking and look terrified. We both rolled down our windows and he said that we had to pull over. It was in that moment I knew there was something wrong. We pulled over on the side of the highway. As soon as we both got out of the truck, we smelled burning rubber. On the tow trolley, one of the tires was falling off. Markus and I looked at each other and freaked out. If that guy hadn't pulled us over, we could've had a terrible accident. It was pretty scary, but we were so grateful for that guy. If he didn't try to warn us, who knew would've happened. Thankfully the rest of the trip was uneventful and slow. I'm glad that was the only near death experience. I don't think I could've handled more than that. 

Hello giant Native American man.
Are you using the bathroom giant Native American man?
Did I miss 60B?
Visual evidence that we're close to Chicago.