Korean Baseball Game | Cheerleader Edition

This past June, we were able to go to one more Korean baseball game. Thankfully, Jeff has a lot of friends and was able to ask his friend, Crystal, to get us tickets on the Lotte Giants side. We were so close to the cheerleaders this time. We were only two rows behind the stage, so if we turned around, we could see everything up close and personal! It was the last time that we would ever go to a Korean baseball game, so we wanted to make sure this one was the best!

Lotte Giants Hype Man!
Look at all the guys staring and filming.
Oh snap.
Meow Meow

I know there are heaps of cheerleader pics, but I was completely in awe. I can't believe that they even had them. It's such a weird concept. I think it actually added something special and maybe they should add them to American baseball games. Every time the hype man and the girls came out, the crowd went wild. Since we were in front of the stage, we had to turn around. If you faced the field, all you see is a sea of smiling faces. What's even more amazing is that the women turn into fangirls and get more excited than the guys. It's pretty awesome.

We even had a chance to see a guy propose to his girlfriend. Of course, she accepted and the whole thing was really sweet. She was crying and when she said yes, he kept kissing her. It's pretty cool that he proposed to her at a game and I'm sure it's something they will always remember.

At the end of the game, they passed around the trash bags and Crystal was able to make mine into a bow. At first, I had no idea what she was doing. When I finally realized she was making a bow, I freaked out. I always see the girls with them and I get so jealous. I was excited to be able to have my very own trash bag bow! It was the real Korean baseball game experience. 

When we left and were walking toward the subway, a guy started walking toward us. I saw that he had a snake around his neck and started to run in the opposite direction. Then I remembered who I was married to and walked toward the guy. Markus loves all animals and as soon as he saw that snake his face lit up. The guy immediately put the snake on him and Markus was so happy. Then the guy tried to put it on me and I screamed. I think it wasn't the best of ways to end such an awesome day, but it definitely was unique. I'm so thankful for Jeff and Crystal. Because of them, Markus and I were able to experience something unforgettable!