Eats with Jeff #10: Baseball Stadium Food

When you go to a Korean baseball game, you can bring in any food that you want.  It's pretty amazing what you can bring. Before the game, masses of people go to Homeplus, a Korean version of Walmart. We've also gone to Homeplus and the amount of people is overwhelming. Everyone is clamoring to get pizzas, chicken and more. It's incredible seeing people walk into the stadium with boxes and coolers stuffed with food and drinks. I don't know where they put the food, because the aisles are tiny and there isn't much leg room. Some people get creative. I saw one group put their cooler in a seat, which meant they bought a ticket just for the food!

I'm so excited for fried chicken!
Never buy fried chicken from the ahjummas on the street!
Dried Squid!
Look at that delicious fried goodness.

We tried to be creative with the food that we brought to the games. Some things you can get in America, but some you can't. I do think we went a bit overboard because we just kept eating and eating. Although, it was nothing compared to what I saw other Koreans eat. Games usually run for three to four hours, so Koreans come prepared. They bring enough food to feed a classroom of kids. In some cases, they bring enough to share with people around them. We had a few guys feeding me all sorts of things. It's not unusual to make friends with those seated around you. I love that about Korean people. They are always ready to share a shot of soju or a chicken wing. It's great part of their culture and made the experience that much better!

I can't believe we brought a whole pizza!
Blood Sausage and Liver
Someone is excited!