Angkor Thom, Cambodia | 1 of 3

While planning our Cambodia trip, there was one place I was determined to visit, Angkor Thom. This temple is famous for being featured in the first Lara Croft movie. I've seen so many pictures of the temple that was taken over by nature. I was so intrigued that I even put it on the Wandering Wishlist. I was so excited to run around pretending to be Lara Croft in Temple Run.

On our last say at Angkor Wat, we finally made it to Angkor Thom. Since it's one of the most popular temples, it was filled with tourists. It was more than overwhelming; it was annoying. I've seen so many pictures that highlight the natural beauty of the place, but they must've been taken years ago, because I didn't see any of that. There were just too many people and I really didn't enjoy Angkor Thom. Despite that, we were still able to get some amazing photos and I'm glad that I was able to cross another thing off the wishlist!