One Piece at KFC | Kyoto, Japan

So, I have another confession. I'm a super otaku for One Piece, especially Tony Tony Chopper. If you aren't familiar with the term otaku, it's Japanese for someone who is obsessed with popular culture, but it's usually used for fanboys. When I was younger, I watched a lot of anime and read so many mangas. I was a huge fan of Sailor Moon. I though I was gonna grow up to be Sailor Jupiter, but instead I ended up being Sailor Mars. It's true. Think about it, I'm super fiesty and I have long black hair.

Anyway, so as I got older, I sort of grew out of that phase of my life. I was just coming out of it when Markus and I started dating. I feel bad, because I think I misled him a bit. When we first got together, we watched a lot of anime together, especially Naruto. Then all of a sudden, I just stopped and became really interested in clothes and other things. Throughout the years, Markus asked me to watch anime with him especially One Piece, but I always refused. He always seemed disappointed and sad because he would watch it alone.

Then one day, I got really sick and had to stay home from work. I didn't have anything to watch and decided to watch an episode of One Piece. I was hooked and spent the three days off from work binge watching One Piece. I was a woman possessed and couldn't stop until I watched all of them. I watched all 500+ episodes in three months. It was crazy. When we were in Japan and I had the chance to combine my love of fried chicken and One Piece, I couldn't refuse, even if it was fast food.

While in Japan, I kept seeing adverts for these lil' mini One Piece ice cream makers. I was dying to get one and one night we finally decided to give it a go. We went to the counter and asked the lady if I could get a Chopper ice cream maker, but she said she didn't know what was inside the box. They were meant to be a surprise. I was a bit iffy and really didn't want to sacrifice a good meal, if I couldn't get Chopper. I decided to give it a go anyway, because when would I have the opportunity to get a One Piece ice cream maker? The lady ended up putting three boxes on the counter and told me to pick a box. I chose the box on the far right and hoped I picked the right one. As you can tell from the photos, I did and got Chopper. It's like it was always meant to be as if it were my destiny!