Soy Milk Donuts at Nishiki Market | Kyoto, Japan

Japan had so many delicious treats and I found myself drooling every time we passed an eatery. We actually stumbled upon these tasty soy milk donuts, while we were exploring Nishiki Market. Markus is a huge fan of donuts, so we make it a personal goal to try all types and flavors. We've had them with bacon and butterscotch and even stuffed with red bean. I never heard of them made with soy milk, so it was an automatic yes, when we passed the stand.

The donuts were a steal at 250 yen (about $2.50) for six. They come three different ways either brown sugar, chocolate or caramel. I wish we had ordered all three variations, but we went with brown sugar. The donuts were so delicious. They tasted like regular donuts, but less heavy and a bit airy. The brown sugar was really subtle and didn't overpower the donuts. When Markus was eating his three, I almost stole one because they were so good. I could've chowed down on these for days. I wish that we did, but there is always next time!