Mommyo's Grand Tour of Busan | South Korea

Last week, I posted about mommyo's visit to Korea. She came to visit us in November of 2011 and Markus and I had been in Korea for only three months. Basically, my mother and I toured Busan with the same new eyes. I didn't know where to go or what to do. It was basically an adventure. Now that I look back on the photos, it seems more like Mommyo's Grand Tour Of Busan. I just happened to be along for the ride, which isn't a bad thing. Most of the photos look like snapshots from some movie montage. It was pretty awesome and I had a great time. 

I like to call this portion of photos, "Lady About Town". I love my mom, she's such a ham. The moment the camera is on her, she can turn on the charm. It totally makes sense that she's my mom. We have the same crazy personality.

One of the places I took her was Busan Tower. I went a few weeks earlier with my friends, but I wanted her to see the view. I don't think she was that impressed and we probably spent a total of 20 minutes there.

Fitting in with the locals

After Busan Tower, we headed over to BIFF Square and she tasted some of the treats offered at the different food stalls. I think she liked the chestnuts the best, which I also love. While we were walking around, we saw a random group of people jogging with light torches. My mom asked me what they were doing and I had no idea. Actually, I still have no idea. Maybe it's some kind of team building exercise or maybe they were preparing for the Olympics?

Tea Kettle Island
Lighthouse at Taejongdae
Mommyo and Me
One of the places that we had to go was Taejongdae. I love that place. I think it's my favorite place in Busan. It's a beautiful oasis of nature near the city. Every time I go I always see something new or experience something different.

Fresh to Death
I'm so glad that mommyo was able to come to Korea. Even though we didn't know where or what to do, it was still a lot of fun. It reminded me of the times we were inseparable. When I was a kid, we did everything together and I really miss those times. It makes me a bit sad to know that she lives so far away, but they times that we had together mean the world to me. They only prove to me that my mom is special and there is no one like her. Now that I'm older, I see so much of her in myself. It's crazy that even though we think we're different people, we end up more like each other than we think. I truly am my mother's daughter.