Long Lost Lomo | 2008

Last week, I was going through my computer deleting photos and I came across a random folder from 2008 titled "Lomo". I looked in the folder and was shocked but happy at what I saw. For a random person, these photos don't seem like much but for me, they are really special. In most of the photos, you'll see our dearest friend, Ryan. We've known him since he was 16 and our friendship has continued til this day. Ryan is definitely one of my favorite people and someone that I can always count on. He's always there when you need him and he never fails to show up.

When Ryan was still living in SoFlo he came over to our house every Wednesday night and Saturday afternoon. It was a tradition and he never missed a day. On Wednesday nights, we would grab dinner and watch Lost and Project Runway. On Saturdays, we would always get boba and just hang out. Markus would be working on whatever creative project he had. I would watch TV or cook and Ryan would end up falling asleep on the couch. We even spent some holidays together. We were as thick as thieves.

Even though, we didn't do anything special or outrageous, it was our thing. We always had fun and we formed friendships that would last a lifetime. Now that he's married and much older, I look on those Wednesday nights and Saturday afternoons fondly. Despite being far away from each other, we've still kept a few traditions. Ryan and his wife, Lauren, always call us on Christmas and New Years. It never fails and I'm thankful that Markus and I can call them our friends.