Unnie Time

Love triangle?
Markus and I have been very lucky to have amazing co-workers. Markus used to work on the Magic English Bus. I know it sounds so awesome right? Basically, he would ride the Magic English Bus from school to school spreading the joy of English. It was a dream job for anyone in Korea and Markus was able to spend our first six months in Korea working there. On the bus, Markus had the most amazing Korean co-teachers, Gloria unnie and Seulhee unnie.

Cutie Unnies
Gloria unnie and Seulhee unnie are so awesome. Within five minutes of meeting them, I was instantly comfortable and knew that we would be friends forever. Not only are they beautiful but they're hilarious. They always have me laughing and the time always goes so fast when we're together. They speak English better than most Koreans I meet. They know more than just textbook English, but they know about pop culture so it's never awkward. I'm so thankful for their friendship and having them in our lives here, makes this experience even better.