Eats with Jeff #1: Grilled Octopus

Markus and I love to eat. It's one of our favorite pastimes. We enjoy finding and trying new things. It's one of the greatest things about living in Korea. There isn't a lack of interesting and delicious foods. Recently, we befriended Jeff who, as I said before, bears a strong resemblance to my older brother. He also volunteers at the Women's Shelter and we bonded over our passion for food. Jeff has been a bit more proactive in his culinary adventures. So, as of late he's been taking us all over Busan to indulge in his finds.

Recently, Jeff took us to a grilled octopus restaurant in Seomyeon. One night, he stumbled upon the nondescript place in a back alley of the neighborhood. Later, he went with a Korean friend so that he could sample the food. As soon as I saw the photos on Facebook, I knew we had to go. 

Pancakes filled with pork
Spicy Grilled Octopus
The Boys: Kasim, Markus and Jeff
I'm glad Jeff found the place because it was quite delicious. The restaurant is hard to find and could easily be missed. It's down a very small alley that is off a side road that is off the main road. It's that hidden. Despite it's hard to find location, the place was packed. There was even a wait, which I rarely see. The restaurant focuses on one thing, octopus.  Glancing at the other tables, it's the only thing that everyone had on their table. The octopus itself was quite delicious. It was very spicy, but not in an unbearable way. It only heightened the taste that comes out once the octopus is grilled.

Once we were finished eating, we quickly left to free up our table. We stood outside the front of the restaurant with full bellies. We were trying decide where to go next. While Markus and Jeff were chatting, Kasim and I had a quick shoot. I believe he'll take any chance to pose and whip out his "modelling skills."

Strawberry Waffle

After eating heaps of spicy octopus, we all agreed that we needed sweets to soothe the fire in our mouths. We found a nearby cafe that served delicious strawberry waffles. Kasim couldn't resist feeding Jeff, its a thing they love to do in Korea! The waffles were so yummy that Kasim and I ordered another and proceeded to meet our carb quota for the day. Overall, it was a successful and delicious night out with Jeff.