Westminster Abbey | London, England | 4 of 6

Unfortunately, we weren't able to make it inside Westminster Abbey. We visited on our last day in London and by that time, we were a bit tired of museums and things of that nature. Also, the £18.00 ($27) fee was a bit steep. Now, in hindsight, I regret it a tiny bit. I had the chance to see the beauty and splendor of the Westminster Abbey and I let my fatigue and an entrance fee stop me. Who knows when I'll ever be back in London, that's the thing about wanderlust. It causes you to want more and see more. Most likely, you'll never return to the places you've been because the world is so big.

I think while we were there I knew I would later regret not going inside and went a bit crazy on the photos. I only had the outside to take photos, but it was enough. Even though we weren't able to go inside, we were able to make it memorable. James, Ari, Markus and I found a nice grassy spot in front and sat for a bit. We had a nice chat and people watched. It wasn't how I thought I would remember Westminster Abbey, but it's still a nice memory.