Angkor Wat, Cambodia

I really loved Cambodia and our short time there. It's an amazing country with the friendliest people I've ever come across. Sometimes, as a traveler, it's easy to forget how kind and genuine people can be. Considering their violent history, Cambodians are easily the nicest people I've ever met. It was refreshing to be around them and made our vacation even better.

The first three days of our trip we decided to temple hop at Angkor Wat near Siem Reap. Angkor Wat is "the" place to see and it's absolutely massive. It is the largest religious monument in the world and dates back to the early 12th century. It began as a Hindu temple and later converted to Buddhism.

There was so much to see, even on the main roads to the temples. Many of the temples had streets lined with statues and huge carved entrances. We stopped for a few minutes to admire the detailed work and avoid some of the crowds. It was a perfect sample of what was to come.