Wandering Wednesday | Boston 2010

It's been ages since I've done a Wandering Wednesday post. I realized when I relaunched my blog, that I had heaps of photos from old trips. Wednesdays were designated as my days to reminisce, which is great for me since it takes me months, even years, to post photos from my trips.

Boston is one of my favorite cities in the States. Markus and I loved it so much that it was on the list of possible cities to live. I think I would've loved living there. I just adore the feel of the place. It's like being in a museum, but everywhere. I love the architecture and the red brick everywhere. I could spend all day posing in front of every building. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to just that one day soon!

Rockport, Massachusetts | 2010

Back in 2010, Markus and I visited our dearest friends Ryan and Jessica. Markus and I already started to think about moving to Korea, so our annual vacation ended up being in the U.S. Markus never traveled to Boston, so we thought it would be the perfect place for a vacation. I went once when I was 16, but everything is different when you're a teenager. We spent a week touring the beautiful city of Boston. For one of our day trips, Ryan and Jess took us to one of their favorite New England towns, Rockport. It's this amazing little New England seaside town. I've always wanted to go to a place like that and it was everything I hoped it would be and more.

Ryan and Jessica are very special to us and Ryan was even in our wedding. They are amazing friends and even though they lived far from us, they were always people that we could rely  on. Jessica is one of the sweetest and kindest people I've ever met. She is so generous with everything. Ryan is probably the smartest person I know. His knowledge of everything is so vast and sometimes I feel a bit dumb when I'm around him. He's not only incredibly intelligent, but he's one of the most encouraging people I've ever met. He is constantly encouraging Markus and I in everything that we do. He truly believes that we can do anything and it's so humbling to have a friend that has that much faith in us.

We spent the chilly afternoon walking the shop filled streets. Everything was so quaint, but not in a cheesy sort of way. It was definitely the sort of place that everyone knew their neighbors and where people raised their kids. I spent most of the afternoon squealing and freaking out about every little thing. Even though I've always lived close to the ocean, this is nothing like Florida. Rockport was like a dream. It's the epitome of the sleepy seaside town and I wished that we could have spent more time there.

When we first arrived in Rockport and were walking around, I had the feeling like I had seen something like it before. I even turned to Markus and said, "This place reminds me of The Proposal". Rockport looked just like the Alaskan city that Ryan Reynolds character brings Sandra Bullock's character. When we randomly walked into the Fudgery to get apple cider, I saw a photo from the movie and I quickly realized why it looked familiar. It was because they did film it in Rockport! After that, Markus and I decided to end our wonderful time in the little town by trying to re-enact one of the scenes from the movie. We tried our best to get it right and I think we did a pretty good job. I felt like it was a fitting end to a lovely afternoon in the perfect New England seaside town.

Wandering Wednesday | Harvard, MA 2010

While we were in Boston in 2010, Markus and I hopped on the T and headed over to Cambridge. We planned to spend the day at Harvard. I really liked Cambridge. It had the same quaint feeling as Boston, but Boston still feels very much like a city. Cambridge felt a little more personal and easily accessible. It's such a great little city and has many things to see.

The main reason we went to Cambridge was to check out Harvard and it's campus. I have to admit, while we were there, I felt like an impostor. Never in my wildest dreams, would I have been able to go to a university like that. I felt a bit envious of all the students who were able to not only live in such a beautiful place, but attend such a great school. Alas, it was still pretty cool being able to pretend for a day. I was really tempted to sit in one of the bigger classes, but decided against it. Instead, we spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the nice fall weather, wandering the streets and visiting the Natural History Museum.

Wandering Wednesday | Boston Common | 2010

One of the things I loved about Boston was Boston Common. It's amazing that in a huge metropolis there can still be parks like this. I think this is why I love big cities. They truly are the best of both worlds. Even though the city can be bustling with heaps of people and loud with noises, there are still little pockets of peace and quiet.

 Being from Florida, I don't get to experience the four seasons. I spent 90% of my life only experiencing summer, spring and sort of fall. It was amazing to see bright red and vibrant orange leaves for the first time in my life. I've only seen brown and green. Even though I've experienced all four seasons in Korea, there is nothing like fall in Boston.

Wandering Wednesday | Boston Public Library and Museum of Fine Arts | 2010

Boston Public Library
In November of 2010, Markus and I visited our dear and wonderful friends, Ryan and Jessica for Thanksgiving. They are a beautiful married couple that have been with us since the beginning of our marriage. When we asked if they wanted us to come visit for Thanksgiving, they didn't even hesitate and told us to come. Markus and I were happy to oblige and spent another Thanksgiving away from home.

This was my second time in Boston, but the first time for Markus. I remembered loving Boston back then, but it was only for a weekend. I was 16, so I wasn't able to appreciate it as much as I should have. This time around I made sure to make the most of the trip. One of our first stops was the Boston Public Library and it was beautiful. As soon as we entered the main reading room, I stood for a minute in awe. It was the first time I was in a library that looked like the ones you see in films. It was amazing. We didn't have a lot of time there and I remember we had to hurry off somewhere else. 

Boston Museum of Fine Arts
My Favorite

On our first day, we went to the Museum of Fine Arts. There was a special deal going on where entrance was free if you went after 6pm. There was a line out the door and went all the way out to the street. We waited for about 30 minutes and finally made it inside. The place was packed and overflowing with people, but it was worth it. My favorite area of the museum was a large hall filled with paintings. The atmosphere was amazing and I could sit in there forever.  I wanted to take more photos, but there were too many people. After a couple hours, we left and it was the perfect way to end our first day in Boston.