Wandering Wednesday | Harvard, MA 2010

While we were in Boston in 2010, Markus and I hopped on the T and headed over to Cambridge. We planned to spend the day at Harvard. I really liked Cambridge. It had the same quaint feeling as Boston, but Boston still feels very much like a city. Cambridge felt a little more personal and easily accessible. It's such a great little city and has many things to see.

The main reason we went to Cambridge was to check out Harvard and it's campus. I have to admit, while we were there, I felt like an impostor. Never in my wildest dreams, would I have been able to go to a university like that. I felt a bit envious of all the students who were able to not only live in such a beautiful place, but attend such a great school. Alas, it was still pretty cool being able to pretend for a day. I was really tempted to sit in one of the bigger classes, but decided against it. Instead, we spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the nice fall weather, wandering the streets and visiting the Natural History Museum.