Memoirs of a Geisha | Kyoto, Japan

One of my lifelong dreams came true in Kyoto. Markus and I walked the lovely alleys of Gion dressed as a geisha and a samurai. It was pretty awesome. I can' even imagine what it's like being a real geisha. It took 45 minutes to put on my hair and makeup and another 40 minutes for the kimono. There were so many layers and I think they added on an extra 20 pounds of fabric.

I remember the exact moment I opened my eyes and saw myself dressed as a geisha. I didn't even recognize myself. It was like looking at the face of a completely different woman. When I walked into the waiting room, Markus didn't even recognize me until I spoke. I wish I pretended I was someone else, that could've been fun. Either way, it was an unforgettable experience and one of my favorite things we did in Japan!