Miyajima Shrine | Itsukushima, Japan

While Markus and I were planning our trip to Japan, we tried to think of all the places that we wanted to visit. As much as I like to think we can travel anywhere we want, the reality is we can't. We don't know if we'll ever be able to go to Japan again, so we packed our itinerary full of hotspots. Traveling within Japan is quite easy and most places are accessible by train.

One of the places that we had to see was the Miyajima Shrine, off the coast of Hiroshima. When you think of Japan or see photos of the beautiful country, there are three places that consistently appear, Tokyo, Mt. Fuji and Miyajima. We planned it so that we visited on our eight year wedding anniversary. Last year, we were at Chatsworth House in England. It's kinda crazy that we've spent the last couple holidays in exotic places. The shrine was absolutely beautiful and surreal. I had to pinch myself because it felt like a dream.