Eats with Jeff #9: Special Edition

I feel like it's been ages since I've posted an "Eats with Jeff". Sadly, our time is dwindling down in Korea and I wont have many more outings to post. Today's post is a very special edition as it features Jeff's best friend Cathy. She came to Korea back in May and we met them for dinner one night. We had a great time and it was really nice being able to meet one of Jeff's friends from back home It was also great being able to share our eats with a new person. 

Korean Style Barbecued Ribs

We decided to take her to eat one of our favorite Korean meals, galbijim (갈비찜). Markus and I eat it quite often and wanted her to have a great experience, so we took her to our favorite galbijim restaurant. Galbijim is basically ribs, beef or pork, that are stewed with various spices and vegetables. Most of the time it's spicy and the meat just falls off the bone. I love galbijim so much that I'm determined to master the dish and cook it once we get back to America. We also ordered a side of barbecued ribs. Markus really misses Southern BBQ and this is the closest we can get to it. They didn't taste like Southern style ribs, but they were still quite tasty. They were a lot more savory than I imagined, since Koreans love to make everything sweet, regardless if it's dessert or not. 

I think these two bff's really missed each other. Cathy was only in town for only five days and they spent all of those five days stuffing their faces. Jeff is a huge foodie and he loves finding the best food in town. He took her to all his favorite places and sometimes they even managed to fit in five meals in one day. By the time we met her later in the week, they were exhausted and halfway into a food coma. 

After we ate galbijim, we still managed to find more food to eat. We came across this new food stand that offered Japanese style fried chicken. As soon as I saw the words fried chicken, I knew we had to try it. The chicken is fried and placed on a stick. Then you can flavor it with any sauce that you want. Most of the flavors were normal, like ketchup and mayonnaise.  They also had some strange ones, chocolate being the strangest. I tried most of them and honestly, chocolate was one of the best sauces. I was pleasantly surprised and it was the perfect ending to an evening of delicious food and great company.