Eats with Jeff #7: Sundae Bokkeum

Sundae Bookeum

On our last Eats with Jeff, we were walking through the streets of Seomyeon and spied a restaurant that offered sundae bokkeum. Some of the restaurants have the kitchens on the outside and you can see what chefs are cooking. The three of us walked over and our mouths instantly watered. I told Jeff that we wanted to eat that and he noted it for another time. Later he did what only he does best and found one of the best sundae bokkeum restaurants in Busan.

Ingredients ready to cook
Those faces...
Ready to eat!

Sundae is Korea's version of blood sausage. I am no stranger to this kind of food. I love Cuban style blood sausage and one of my favorite Filipino dishes is dinuguan, or pork blood stew. When I first tried sundae, it was at a street stall and it wasn't good. I have to admit that ever since then, I've sort of stayed away from it. You know how one bad experience can ruin your impression of something. Markus loves sundae and he was really adamant about having sundae bokkeum, which is sundae stir fried and mixed with vegetables. I'm really glad that I didn't let that bad experience hold me back forever, because this sundae bokkeum was delicious. It was spicy and savory. It's something that I would definitley eat again.

Various sundae

We also ordered a plate of various sundae. There were some that had more blood than fillings and others with more filling than blood. I could tell that these were made in house and not pre-packaged like most places. I really enjoyed these sundae, maybe a bit more than the bokkeum. They didn't have any metallic or tinny flavor. I preferred the one with less blood, because it tasted a bit more savory and meaty.

Everyone always takes pictures with this dude.
Strawberry and Custard Puff Pastry
I love my cranberry juice!

After stuffing our faces full of sundae, we of course continued on in search of dessert. The sundae restaurant was really close to my favorite cafe, Tokyoloose. We decided that it would be the best place for something sweet. I love this place. It's really cute and girly. The servers all dress in the same uniform and they all talk with a really high and cutesy voice. Markus and I go here least one a week or every 2 weeks. They don't speak any English, but they know us. The owners are really sweet and always give us little extra things. Sometimes we don't need a common language to understand one another. We ended this installment of Eats with Jeff as we normally do, stuffed to the brim and happy with the company.