Top Ten Animated Hotties

I'm not sure if it's very apparent on my blog, but I'm a huge geek. Ever since I was a kid, I've loved and been obsessed with comic books, anime and that sort of thing. I would spend hours watching TV and films. As a young adolescent girl, I was, of course, boy crazy and tended to form little crushes on some of the animated characters. So in lieu of the endless hours I've recently spent watching the anime series, One Piece (and all the hotties from that series) I've compiled a list of my animated crushes from early childhood to present day.

10. Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid
One of my earliest memories is of this movie. I was six when the film came out and my brother took me to the theater to watch it. Even at such a young age, I fell for Prince Eric. He was a total dreamboat. He was dashing and handsome, everything that a young girl wants in her prince. I really liked that he was captivated by Ariel's voice and not her looks. I found this gem of a photo on the internet. It's a bit risque, but who could pass up a bubble bath with this hot prince?

9.  Aladdin from Aladdin
I always found Aladdin really charming. Of all the Disney male love interests, I think he would make the best husband. He's lived on the streets so he'll always work hard to provide for his family. He's really smart and he'll always be one jump ahead of the lawmen that's all, and that's no joke. I also loved his voice, he actually sounds a lot like Markus. So if you think about it, I sort of married an alternate version of Aladdin. Actually, they kinda look alike too... 

8.  Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon
In middle school, I lived for this show. This show was my life. As soon as I got home, I went straight for the TV and watched Sailor Moon. I even wore my hair like Sailor Jupiter. It was embarrassing, but I was obsessed. I think the real root of my obsession was my undying love for Mamoru Chiba or Tuxedo Mask. He was in high school, so he was like the ultimate for me. I liked how rude he was to Usagi, but then changed later. Even though people these days say he's a little lame, I still pledge my undying affection for him. 

7.  Li Shang from Mulan
I was really excited when I heard that they were releasing an Asian Disney movie. I spent my entire childhood admiring and loving Ariel, Jasmine and Belle, but now there was a girl that I could really connect with. Although, there was someone else I would rather connect with, Li Shang. There is nothing more attractive than a man who is in control and commands attention. He was both swift as a coursing river and tranquil as a forest. Most importantly, he was mysterious like the dark side of the moon. Plus, a guy whose motto is, "Let's get down to business" is definitely hot.

6.  Sanji from One Piece
I struggled a little bit with including Sanji on this list because there are two other One Piece characters already. Then I realized, Sanji loves women, he's an incredible chef, he's really strong and he's quite a looker. It would be a crime if I didn't include him. When I was first introduced to Sanji on One Piece, I didn't really like him. I thought he was too annoying when it came to women, but then I realized that's one of his best qualities. He's passionate about the ladies to the point that he becomes a silly prince that dotes on your every whim and that type of guy would be a great boyfriend.

5. Howl from Howl's Moving Castle
I love Hayao Miyazaki films, they are amazing. I don't think there are any movies that could really compare. Howl's Moving Castle isn't my favorite, that's Spirited Away, but this movie has Howl. He is one attractive kid. I mean look at those piercing blue eyes. I could fall into those baby blues. I don't usually go for blondes but Sanji and Howl are definitley the exception. The fact that he owns a moving castle and is a powerful wizard, makes him even more appealing. He's also super mysterious and that's super sexy.

4. Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop
There is nothing cooler than an intergalactic bounty hunter. I never watched Cowboy Bebop when it first came out, but a couple years ago I told Markus I wanted to watch it. I'm not really a fan of space or westerns, so anything that is a space western I don't really like. I know, I know Firefly is amazing and so is Trigun, but I wasn't a fan of either. Having said all of that, I'm totally a fan of Cowboy Bebop and especially Spike Spiegel. He doesn't have any special powers, he's just a really good bounty hunter. I love that he's not so serious and takes life as it comes. He's very carefree but when it's time to be serious, he's a stone faced killah.

3. Roronoa Zoro from One Piece
There is no doubt that the hottest member of the Straw Hats is Roronoa Zoro. This guy just oozes hotness. He's stoic and the complete opposite of Sanji. While Sanji lives for the ladies, Zoro only lives to become the greatest swordsman in the world. This man strives for greatness. He is fiercely loyal to his captain and crew and he's an extremely amazing swordsman. Not only is he hot, but he has great ambition that pushes him to be the best. There is nothing more attractive than a broody guy that knows what he wants and goes for it.

2. Hatake Kakashi from Naruto
Back when Markus and I first started dating, we bonded over our mutual love of Naruto. Over the next couple years, we religiously watched every episode. Then I fell out of love with Naruto and stopped watching anime. Despite not watching the show, one thing still remained, my undying love for Kakashi. I love that he's so serious, but when he isn't off fighting he's reading romance novels.  Markus still watches Naruto, so I'll always ask, "How's Kakashi doing? Still alive? Still hot?" I may no longer be interested in the show, but I'll always be interested in that silver haired fox from the Hidden Leaf Village.

1. Portgas D Ace from One Piece
Ace, oh Ace, you hot, hot hottie. Quite literally, the guy is made of fire. I don't know what it is about Ace, but I love this guy. He has great hair and his freckles, oh my golly, those freckles. I love that he runs around shirtless showing off his body. It's like he knows that he looks good and that he has the confidence to flaunt it. I like to think that he's a grown-up version of his younger brother, Luffy. He's what Luffy will become when he matures and grows a bit. Not only is Ace a looker, but he's also a really great guy. He loves his brother immensely. Their strong bond is what really what made me love Ace. He's fiercely loyal to those closest to him.  He would do anything, even if it means risking his life and that's the kind of guy deserves to be number one.

So, dear readers, there is my list of the top ten animated hotties. I hoped you enjoyed it! Did you agree with with all of my selections? Is there anyone that you think should've make the list? Let me know in the comments!

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