Busan eFM 90.5 Radio Interview

Back in February, Markus and were asked to do a radio interview on Midnight Rider. It's an amazing program on Busan's only English radio station. The radio station is really popular amongst Busanites and almost all of them know DJ Chad Kirton and Midnight Rider. I was really surprised that they asked us to do the interview, but it was really exciting. I've already been on Korean TV and in the newspaper, so the next natural step was radio. I still can't believe that I was even featured on all those things. It's so funny how things work out.

Before our interview, I was really nervous. I was worried that I was going to sound idiotic or repetitive. Markus and I practiced our answers so many times. I had everything down to a science. I knew exactly what I would say. I kept saying my answers over and over. When we got to the station, I forgot everything. It all just disappeared and my nerves took over. Then, I started to get really anxious. When we finally met Chad and talked for a bit, he kept reassuring me. He kept saying, "No worries. It's cool."

When we finally started the interview, I was still nervous, but the more we talked with Chad, the worries just disappeared. Chad is incredibly awesome and really easy to talk to. I felt like I knew him for ages and he really is an awesome radio DJ. Chad is such an awesome guy. He's really knowledgeable and so personable. He's really great at his job and made the experience much more amazing.

Being on the radio was definitely one of the highlights of our life in Korea. It was an incredible experience and I can't believe that it happened. I'm so thankful that Markus and I were both able to do it and that we met Chad. It will be an experience that I will always remember and one that I will always cherish.