Wandering Wednesday | Florida Road Trip 2009: 2 of 3

The second part of our road trip took us to Orlando, where we visited one of our favorite couples, Ryan and Lauren. This was before they were married and were still in college. My golly, how times have changed. I can't believe how time flies.

As soon as we arrived, they took us to Rebounderz. It's this amazing indoor trampoline arena, an entire room full of trampolines. I was shocked that I was exhausted and only after 10 minutes. It was still fun watching Markus fulfill one of his lifelong dreams of being Spiderman.

We spent Easter weekend with them that year and they took us to one of the best farmer's markets I've ever visited. We bought handmade pasta for our Easter lunch and sampled many delicious treats. It was so nice to spend the holiday with them, since they're so very dear to us.

We ended our time in Orlando at Medieval Times. It was a first for both Markus and I. It was cheesy, but it was the epitome of a roadside attraction. I actually really enjoyed it. It was fun wearing fake crowns and eating with my hands whilst cheering on knights who fought to the death. It was perfect. 

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