Samgyetang and Darts

Junho, Me and Junnie

Recently, Markus created a logo for our friend, Junnie. He has a podcast that focuses on Korean politics with his friend Junho. As a thank you to Markus, they both took us out to dinner. It was unexpected but very sweet. Junnie is one of the sweetest and most genuine people I've ever met.

Junnie doesn't speak English fluently and sometimes we have to use Google translate, but it's worth it. His friendship means so much to us. Sometimes, he'll call just to say hello or to check in. Often when we meet for dinner, he'll research the best places in the area and take us there. Once, he he took Markus and I to KSU, a popular university area in Busan, and basically took us on a date. We went to this really fancy Italian place. Afterward, we went for a walk around a nearby college campus. When we finished walking, he took us to a really cute cafe. I asked him how he knew about all these places and he said, that he did all those things with his girlfriend Henna.

Samgyetang (삼계탕)
Galbitang (갈비탕)
Ginseng Pajeon (파전)

When we met recently, Junnie and Junho decided to take us to a samgyetang restaurant. Lately, I've been really sick and the minute Junnie heard my voice, he decided to take us somewhere that would help me feel better. Again, this kid is so thoughtful and sweet. He's always thinking about others.

Junnie said that the restaurant is very popular with older people because of the health benefits of the soups. He wasn't wrong, I think the four of us were the only young people in the entire place. There were even different varieties of samgyetang for specific purposes, like gender specific types. I was really tempted to order the female version for one of the boys. I ordered the samgyetang to help raise immunity and stamina.  It was really delicious and after eating the samgyetang, I felt revitalized.

After dinner, we went to my favorite dart bar. Before we arrived, I said, "Are you ready to lose?" I should've kept my mouth shut because my dart game was completely off. Usually, I kill at darts. I demolish everyone, but that night I was awful. Junho told us before that he's not good at darts but he obliterated us. There was no chance that any of us could beat him. We played three games and he won every single game. It was horrible. 

Despite my awful dart playing, the evening was great. We always have fun with Junnie. Junho was also really great, this was our first time meeting him. I didn't like that be beat me at darts, but it's okay. He was a really nice guy. I always enjoy moments like these in Korea because it reminds me of why we came here. We wanted to experience another country, but also see it from the point of view of the residents. Sometimes, I feel like an outsider, but moments like these, I feel like this is where I belong.