Instagrammin' | September 2012

In September, we spent the beginning of the month re-adjusting to school life and officially beginning our second year in Korea. 

1. Teaching at the Jeonpo Welfare Center. These kids are always so happy and give their best effort in class. I love teaching them. 
2. Chuseok gift sets. Korea's equivalent of Thanksgiving is Chuseok. For gifts, they give presents like spam or canned tuna.
3. Soul Food. I was having a bad day and Markus prepared a delicious dinner of BBQ ribs, and corn bread. I'm a lucky girl.
4. Reunited. Markus and I were finally able to meet with our original little brother, Dae-hwannie.

5. Brainstorming. Markus and I are currently working on a children's book and we spend many nights at cafes brainstorming. Although, most of the time it's Markus creating beautiful sketches and me being amazed.
6. My old college roommate, Angela, visited Korea, but we were unable to meet. Although, she was still able to send me some goodies from home via her cousin. Oh how I've missed the yummy taste of Aunt Jemima's.
7. New Sunday Tradition. Markus and I started a Sunday tradition of pancakes and Are You Afraid of the Dark? How awesome is that? 
8. New shoes. While in the UK, I was finally able to find shoes that fit me and these ones were adorable. So happy to finally buy a new pair of shoes!