Chuseok 2012

This Chuseok or Korean Thanksgiving, we spent the evening with our friends, Gina and Emilio. Emilio is a good friend of ours and we hang out at least once a month. We met his lovely girlfriend, Gina, last December. She found a teaching job at a hagwon and flew in the day before Chuseok. We haven't had another couple to hang out with since James and Ari moved back to England. We were very excited to hear Gina was moving to Busan.

In the early evening, we met at Gwangalli Beach and hung out for a bit. We spent most of the time catching up with Gina and people watching. We took some couple photos and as soon as the sun set, we went for dinner. We chose the Korean staple of fried chicken and beer. After dinner, we spent the rest of the night wandering about the streets of Busan.

Emilio took us to this amazing outdoor bar that he visited before. It's situated amongst the food stalls in Seomyeon. It was quite surreal sitting on a bar stool in the middle of downtown drinking a cocktail. Another one of the many reasons why I love Korea.
After the outdoor bar, we went to our favorite dart bar also in Seomyeon, Division 9, but I always call it District 9. Every time we go play darts, I tend to kick beat everyone. Chuseok was no exception. I really beat em' good.

We ended the night dancing. District 9 is usually very relaxed. Since it was a holiday, it was an occasion for strobe lights and the fog machine. It was a very different atmosphere. They even let these two girls get on the bar and "dance" on this pole. I say "dance" because rocking your hips back and forth is definitely not what I think of when I hear dancing. Overall, Chuseok was lovely. We spent it with wonderful friends eating delicious food and having a good time.