The Hills Are Alive | Iceland

 Markus and I had been driving for a while on our third day and stopped for lunch only two hours before. I checked the itinerary and saw that we didn't have anywhere to be for a while. We saw a sign that pointed upward toward a mountain. Even though Markus and I rented a little car, we decided to take a chance and see what was up there. The mountain roads are very small and it's difficult for two cars to maneuver. As we were driving up, an SUV didn't move and pushed us to the side of the road. We ended up stuck in some gravel and couldn't get out. 

When all hope seemed lost, another car drove up behind us and a couple jumped out. They didn't really say much, just walked next to Mark and started to push our car. With their help, the little car made it back onto the road. We thanked them profusely and they got back in their car and left. We were tempted to turn back around, but decided to keep going. After the road debacle, we had to see what was at the top of this mountain. Thank goodness we stuck it out and kept going. At the end of the road, there was an incredibly beautiful valley and a shallow stream. We didn't see any other places like this the rest of our trip. It felt like we stepped out of Iceland and into the Swiss Alps, or something similar. It's amazing that at the end of a crappy situation we were rewarded with such a stunning place.