Djúpalónssandur and Dritvik Part 3 | Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Iceland

Djúpalónssandur beach is definitley one of those magical places that you stumble upon in Iceland. When you walk down the steps to the black pebbled beach it's an incredible site. The pebbles on the beach are called Djúpalónsperlur or the Pearls of Djúpalón. In its heyday, the bay used to house sixty fishing boats and was once one of the most fruitful fishing villages in Iceland. Today the bay us uninhabited and is one of the most beautiful places on the Snaefellsnes peninsula.  

Ytri Tunga Beach Part 4 | Snæfellsnes, Iceland

We've finally reached the end of my Ytri Tunga Beach posts. Previously, I wrote about our search for sea lions, but never seemed to find them. Thankfully, every stop in Iceland is worth it not matter if you find what you're looking for or not. As I explored the area, I started to think about the people that used to live on this land and what life was like for them. It seems like such a beautiful place to live, but could be very isolating. There was a farm nearby, so I'm sure that the people that live there love this land. Either way, I enjoyed my little snippet of it. After walking along the shoreline for an hour or so, Markus and I continued our road trip exploring the beautiful Snaeflellsnes Peninsula

Ytri Tunga Beach Part 1 | Snæfellsnes, Iceland

Hands down, the most beautiful part of Iceland is Snæfellsnes. I read online that they filmed some parts of Walter Mitty there and I knew that Markus and I had to visit. Snæfellsnes is a peninsula found in Northwest Iceland. There are many national sights in the area and it's probably one of the best places we've ever visited. On the way to Stykkishólmur, we stopped at Ytri Tunga Beach, that was rumored to have seals. We didn't see any seals, but I couldn't complain because that view was everything!

For a long time, we didn't even see any other people. It was just Markus and I in an unknown land. In the ten years we've been married, this is hands down one of my favorite experiences with him. We spent so much time on this beach and I took so many photos. Iceland is full of so many stunning places and the best part is discovering them with your best friend! 

Colorful Rock Formations | Route 1, Iceland

I know it seems like all Markus and I did on this road trip was stop every five minutes. Well, you wouldn't be wrong. By day 6, we tried to be concious of this and only stop for really interesting things. One of those stops were for these beautiful rock formations. Previously, we saw the stunning basalt columns in Vik and at Svartifoss. These formations were greenish in color and we couldn't help but pull over. I kinda wish I knew why these rocks were so different from the previous ones we saw. If you happen to know, please let me know in the comments below! 

Icelandic Seaside | Akureyri, Iceland

On the sixth day of our road trip, Markus and I were driving toward Akureyri, the whale watching capital of the world. We were both very excited because the next day we would be going on a whale watching tour. I read somewhere that there was a cool maritime museum on the way to the town. Unfortunately, my information was incorrect and it was just a small tourist shop, but the area nearby was beautiful. We decided to climb the rocks and explore for a bit before we moved on to Akureyri for our whale watching tour!