Kyoto Style Sushi at Izuju | Kyoto, Japan

While in Kyoto, I ate one of the best meals of my life at Izuju. Izuju specializes in Kyoto-style sushi, which is a bit more creative than sushi that we're accustomed to. I'm not a huge fan of mackerel but Izuju made me a believer. They pickle the mackerel, which gives it this flavor that is incredibly delicious. For one of their signature rolls, Sabazushi, they fill the entire body of the fish with rice. I thought it might be too meaty or fishy, but it was so tasty and I wished that more sushi rolls were like that. The rest of the sushi was just as good and I was glad that we ordered a variety. The meal itself wasn't too expensive and worth the money. It was one of my top three meals for sure and one that I will never forget!