Bizarre Food: Grasshoppers and More | Cambodia

The last time I posted about bizarre food was tarantula in Cambodia. You would think that would be extent of our strange eats, but there was even more! We asked our tuk-tuk driver, MJ, to take us somewhere we could eat something strange in Siem Reap. He said he knew of a place that we could eat crickets. We couldn't turn down the opportunity and asked him to take us there!

When we arrived to the nondescript corner of a random street, we saw the piles of items lined up on the sidewalk. There wasn't a person in sight and understandably so. I think tourists are not on the search for strange eats like this. There were crickets, grasshoppers, beetles and even dried snake. I think any creepy thing you could think of was cooked and ready to eat!

Initially, we only wanted to try the grasshoppers, but we decided to be adventurous and order a variety. I mean, might as well, you never know when you'll have the chance again. I will say that for a moment I freaked out. I was holding the bag of bugs and I looked down. For a split second, I imagined them all alive and slithering about. I quickly got over it and we dug into that bag o' bugs.

Surprisingly, they weren't bad. It's not my favorite thing in the world, but it's definitley worth trying. I was most keen on the crickets and grasshoppers, but could've passed on the snake and beetles. All I know is that if something happens and we run out of other protein sources, I could survive on insects!