Oh Korea Quote #1

Even though I will be leaving the beautiful land of Korea, there are many things that will always stay with me, even when I'm gone. I will always remember all the weird and strange things that people have said to me over the past two years. I've tried my best to document them, but I thought the best way to remember them forever is to create typographic images of them.

I decided to start out strong with one of the most memorable things anyone has ever said to me. It was both horrifying and fascinating that anyone would ever say something like this to me. This is one of my most favorite Oh Korea moments and one that I always tell my friends. This is how the conversation went down:
Me: Oh my golly, it's so hot in here.
Him: You're always hot.
Me: Yea, I get hot really easily.
Him: Is your body hot?
Me: Um... yes...

Him: You are so hot I could boil a hot dog on your body.
Summers in Korea are a bit unbearable. They use the air conditioning really sparingly. Even though I'm from the Philippines and grew up in Florida, I cannot stand hot weather. My body runs hot, so I'm always uncomfortable. At least in the U.S. there was central air conditioning. In Korea, I feel like I'm always melting and forever in a sauna. I guess on this day, my co-worker wanted to comment on the level of heat my body exudes or he was talking about something else. Actually, this guy has a bit of a weird sense of humor, so I know what he really meant. Either way, it has to be one the weirdest and greatest things anyone has ever said to me.