Fair Mouth | Busan, South Korea

A few nights ago, Markus and I went to Fair Mouth, a Tex-Mex restaurant, in Busan. We've been very busy lately and haven't had a chance to go out on a date. Usually, we have a date night once a week, no matter what. The last few weeks we were sick or tired and just ended up staying home. So, a night out was something that we really needed. I heard about Fair Mouth from a co-worker. He said the food was pretty good and a nice fusion of Korean and Mexican food. Once I told Markus, he was sold. His dad owned a Mexican restaurant when he was a kid, so he loves Mexican food.

Fair Mouth is in the trendy part of Seomyeon and actually only a few feet north of my favorite restaurants. It's funny that I never saw it because we always go to the same places. I was impressed with the feel of the space. It looked a bit like an abandoned warehouse and was decorated with the strangest things, like a dentist's chair. I guess they're focusing on the mouth part of their name. Either way, I liked it because it felt a bit like America, despite the strange decorations.

The food itself was quite good. We both ordered tacos and they were really delicious. The Fair Mouth Tacos tasted close to traditional tacos. There was a bit of the spicy red sauce Koreans put in everything, but it really added to the flavors of the cheese and sour cream. The Nori Tacos were my favorite. It incorporated so many flavors I enjoy, seaweed, wasabi and teriyaki. I was surprised at how good it was and must admit that I wanted to order more. It was a nice meal and even though it satisfied my craving for Tex-Mex food, it also made me miss real Mexican food. Once we get back to America, I'm going to throw down on some real tacos!