Sleeping Buddha | Angkor Wat, Cambodia

After we were finished at Bayan Temple, our tuk-tuk driver MJ, told us to meet him at the Elephant Terrace. He explained how to get there and I thought I understood. He told us to walk down a street and follow it. It would've worked out if Markus and I exited where he told us, but we didn't. When we left Bayan Temple, we were both confused. We chose the one with the most people and headed, hopefully, in the right direction.

Everyone was walking toward another temple and we assumed it was where we needed to be. We saw a set of stairs that led to the top. I was already a bit tired after Bayan Temple, so I told Markus I didn't want to go. He was really keen, so he went to climb the top while I waited at the bottom. While he was gone, I tried figure out where MJ would be waiting.

As I looked for MJ, I started to realize that this wasn't the Elephant Terrace at all. I looked for someone to ask and finally came across a Khmer guide. I asked him if he spoke English, but he didn't, he spoke French. An elderly gentleman heard us speaking and said that he could help me. He was French and he translated from French to English.

We walked to the front so that he could wait for his family too. He told me that the temple wasn't the Elephant Terrace and it was the Sleeping Buddha. He told me a few other things, but I really can't remember all the facts. Later,  I found out that he was from Paris. He said that he's traveled the world, but there is no place like Paris. Finally, his family found him and we said goodbye. As he walked away, I remember smiling and feeling very thankful. Even though it was just for a short time, it was still an unforgettable experience. I will never forget the kind Frenchman that told me about his beautiful city and the history of the Sleeping Buddha.