Eats with Jeff #5: Grilled Clams

Grilled Clams

In this installment of Eats with Jeff, we ate something I've been dying to try since we came to Korea, grilled clams. Whenever we visit Haeundae Beach or Gwangalli Beach, I see these little nondescript restaurants that are always packed with people. People usually sit outside when the weather is nice, but I think it's also to show off their delicious meals. They crowd around little plastic tables equipped with grills jam packed full of clams. I'm not sure why Markus and I haven't had it before now, but I'm glad that we waited. 

Clam Banchan
Clam banchan

Jeff took us to a restaurant in Jagalchi that his friend's recommended. Right outside the main market, there is a street full of seafood restaurants. The year that his friends lived in Busan, they tried every single one of those places and recommended this one as the best.

The banchan, side dishes, were so delicious. They were, of course, clams and they were prepared in different ways. One was pickled and the other was raw with spices. They were so tasty that we fought over the last ones and poor Markus missed out on his fair share.

Creepy Abalone
Oh Abalone...

The actual grilled clams were so good and really fresh. The restaurant had aquariums outside and we watched the ahjumma fish out the clams and shuck them before they came to our table. As they are grilled, the butter cooks the clams and only enhances the flavor. We wanted to get abalone as well, but it was much more expensive than the clams. Thankfully, they included two abalones with our grilled clams. One abalone was a bit creepy and squirmed the whole time it cooked. I felt bad, but not bad enough not to eat it.

Grilled Fish

You would think that all those grilled clams would be filling, but it wasn't. We had just enough room for some grilled fish. When you walk around Jagalchi Market, there are lots of restaurants that have grill stations outside too. They sell fish to those passing by. The first time I went to Jagalchi, I wanted to try it, but never had the chance. I guess this Eats with Jeff was making all my seafood dreams come true.

Apple Tart
Chocolate Fondant

After we engorged ourselves on grilled clams and fish, we walked around Nampodong and went shopping for a bit. We said it was because the boys needed clothes, but I know the real reason. We were burning calories and killing time so we could eat dessert. Previously, I found this really cute French cafe with my friend and told the boys about it. The desserts are all made to order and freaking amazing. It didn't take much convincing and we headed to the cafe. I don't know what we were thinking, but I think on this Saturday afternoon we might have gone a bit overboard. Usually, we order one or two desserts and share them, but this time we ordered three! Needless to say, every dessert was amazing. They were all so good and even though we only needed to order two, I'm glad we ordered three. It was the perfect ending, to a great Eats with Jeff.