Cooking with Kasim

My chingus
Back in February, Markus and I spent a lot of time with our friends Kasim and Jeff. Unfortunately, Kasim left Busan so that he could continue his education. We tried to see him as much as possible before he left. Most of the time, we would eat at restaurants, but Kasim wanted to cook for us. I am never one to turn down home-cooked meals, so we planned a pot luck dinner.

Lamb curry
Homemade roti

Kasim is an amazing chef. He cooks Indian style food so everything was absolutely delicious. He learned from his mom and made everything from scratch. He even taught us how to make roti. Although, if you asked me to make it again right now, I wouldn't be able to do it.

I also wanted to make authentic Filipino food, so I made chicken adobo. I didn't want Kasim to be the only one making something good. Kasim made roti and lamb curry and Jeff brought yummy donuts. In the end, we stuffed our faces with everything in sight and it was worth it. Honestly, I still have dreams about that lamb curry. It was that good. I miss Kasim's cooking almost as much as I miss him. Although, maybe I miss his cooking a little bit more.

I love these silly boys.