Eats with Jeff #3: Makguksu 막국수

Bibim Makguksu (비빔막국수)

In this installment of Eats with Jeff, we try makguksu and suyuk.  When he was describing the meal to me, I have to admit I was completely skeptical. He kept saying, "Cold noodles and boiled pork." Sounds really delicious right? Also, the restaurant is really far from my house and I can't be bothered to travel far. Jeff kept insisting it was worth it. I was really disinterested, but he said it was one of his favorite meals, so we agreed to go.

Boy, you cut those noodles.
 Boiled Pork (육)
 Makguksu (막국수)
I will always remember this meal because it was one of the tastiest meals I've ever had. The makguksu was refreshing and delicious. It's very hard to describe, especially for someone who isn't used to eating cold noodles. I know that as an American, my mind is completely boggled by the concept, but it's so delicious. The noodles are made with buckwheat.  After eating, I didn't feel heavy like when I eat pasta. The broth is never overpowering and heightens the flavors of every component in the dish. Everything melds together perfectly. 

The suyuk or boiled pork was a revelation. As a Filipina, I love pork. I've had it every way possible, roasted, fried, stewed, minced but never boiled. I was worried that the meat would be bland and a strange texture. I was wrong. The meat was warm and savory. When you combine it with the sweet kimchi, the taste is amazing. Ever since we ate this, I've craved eating it again. It's something that I would trek hours for. It's that good.  This meal taught me another important lesson, always trust Jeff when it comes to food. 

A face you can trust.