Taejongdae | 2 of 2

During our visit to Taejongdae, we were able to fit in quite a bit. It was the perfect afternoon despite the weather conditions. On this particular day, it was really cold and windy. We went on a treacherous ferry tour around the island. Seriously, I thought we were going to sink. We kept flying through the air and landing hard on the water. At one time, I looked at the ferry captain and I must've looked terrified because he reassured me that we were okay.

Thankfully, we survived the ride on the death ferry and were able to climb up on the rocks and have lunch. We thought ahead and picked up fancy triangle kimbap at Lotte Department Store. We climbed up really high, found the perfect rock, shared our food and enjoyed the view. I've always wanted to go on a picnic and this was my first one! Couldn't have picked a better place to have my first picnic.

After Markus and I had lunch, we walked up the pathway toward the lighthouse. We walked down the stairs toward the ocean and the wind was so strong that it literally pushed me back. I thought I was in a hurricane, it was that intense. We muscled through it though and it was worth it. The rock formations aren't what I was expecting and were so massive and majestic. It was like exploring an alien planet. As I've said before, I absolutely love Taejongdae. Every time we go, I always find something new and something I've never seen before.