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In November of 2007, Markus and I spent 13 glorious days in Prague in the Czech Republic. I don't remember how we chose Prague. It was never one of the places that I was dying to visit, but I think it was our destiny to go to Prague. Thirteen days may sound like a long time for one city, but it was perfect. By the end of our vacation, we knew that city inside and out.
Prague is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever been to, probably top three. I've never seen anything like it. Edinburgh is probably the closest, but it still had a different feeling. I kept telling Markus that I felt like I was in a fairy tale because the architecture looked just like one of my fairy tale books from childhood.

The Czechs are very kind and warm. This was our first trip to a non-English speaking country and I was worried that we would be lost and confused the entire trip. I spent a few weeks learning rudimentary Czech. With my very limited knowledge of their language, the people still welcomed us warmly and many people were actually quite fluent in English. I've come to realize as a traveler, if you attempt to speak their language, they will go above and beyond to help you. 

Since we had such so many days to spend in Prague, we weren't too busy rushing from one place to the other. We weren't trying to fit in five places in one day. We soaked everything in. We had the time to spend hours at bookstores reading books or sitting in cafes writing. To this day, Markus and I still talk about how peaceful and relaxed we felt in Prague. We haven't had a trip like it since. It truly was a dream vacation.

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