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There was so much to see in Prague and after 13 days, we felt more like locals than tourists. As I said before, our Prague trip was unlike any trips we've been on before or since. We became like residents of the city. I don't even know how many times we walked across Charles Bridge, it must have been over 20 times. During the day it's beautiful and full of people, but at night it can be a bit creepy. There are 30 statues that line the bridge and at night, it's like a ghost town, not a soul in sight. Seeing the silhouettes of the statues is really eerie.

Prague is such a hauntingly beautiful city and while I was doing research, I read that it's also one of the most haunted cities in Europe. This definitely excited Markus, but freaked me out a bit. If you're a reader of my blog, you know I can't handle scary things, so the thought of being in a city full of ghosts for 13 days was not my ideal trip, but I deep down I was a bit excited. I didn't want to spend our trip looking for ghosts, but I did want to give Markus the opportunity to have one night. We decided to go on a ghost walk and tour through Old Town. 

We picked the tour that we liked the most and read online that we had to meet at night in Old Town Square near the Astronomical clock. I remember that it was really cold that night. We went in November so it was almost winter. Markus and I waited for about an hour and no one ever showed up. Words can't even describe how disappointed we felt. It was one of our last nights, so we never had the opportunity to go again. I felt really bad for Markus, all he wanted was to see some ghosts and I couldn't make that happen. We had to settle for walking down Charles Bridge late at night, which for me was scary enough.

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