Wandering Wednesdays │ London, England 2006

Every Wednesday, I'll be posting about places that I've traveled to in the past. It could be as far back as ten years or as recent as last year. I've dubbed these posts as "Wandering Wednesdays". You can find all my past trips on the Wanderings page. I hope you enjoy!

Our second honeymoon to London in 2006 was the trip that started it all. When Markus and I married in 2005, we promised ourselves that we would travel somewhere every year. If possible, we would travel out of the country. It wasn't always possible, but we at least went somewhere the other had not.

When we had our second wedding in 2006 (another story for another time), Markus and I decided that would be the year that we would start our adventures. I spent 21 years of my life dreaming of other countries and magical places. It finally took a second wedding and honeymoon to make my dreams a reality. 

It took a long time for Markus and I to decided where we would go. At first, we didn't know where to go and thought of all the places we wanted to visit. We finally decided on London because that was my dream since I was a child.

I have to admit that this first trip to London was a failure in many ways. This was our first trip abroad and we learned many things about traveling. The first being, don't travel after your wedding with only 5 hours of sleep and then a 6 hour layover in Dulles airport, which happens to be the worst airport in America. We also learned that we should spend more than 7 days overseas. You need at least two weeks to really get the feel of a place. 

We were horrible at planning and time management. It was basically a mess, but it was a wonderful mess. Even though, we didn't get the most out of our trip, it was still one of our favorites. Those 6 days were some of the best of our married life. I always look back on them fondly, despite all the flaws. After London, we learned from our experiences and became better travelers,  but more importantly, we never stopped!