Saint-Émilion, France | Part One


As previously stated in my previous post, Markus and I decided to stop in Bordeaux to explore a bit of wine country.  I booked a half day tour with Bordivino tours where we stopped at two wineries and the beautiful Saint-Émilion.  One of the main reasons I booked this tour was because of our stop in the little commune.  I saw a few pictures and instantly fell in love.  It looked exactly like the little village from Beauty and the Beast.

Saint-Émilion is well known as a UNESCO heritage site as well as being one of the regions that produces wine. The area dates back as far as prehistoric times. Despite being an area steeped in history and popular with the tourists, it still manages to retain its charm. I loved walking along the cobblestone streets and exploring the cathedrals and ruins. It never once felt like a tourist trap and I regretted that we weren't able to spend more than a few hours there. I had few regrets on this trip, but this was definitley one of them.