New & Old Town | Edinburgh, Scotland

When Markus and I visited Edinburgh 2012, we loved it so much and we knew that we would be back. Our dear friends James and Ari, moved from Birmingham to Edinburgh and that was the perfect reason to see them. Two of our other dear friends, Ryan and Lo, also lived in Edinburgh, so it was a wonderful two for one. We spent a few days with Ry and Lo in New Town and visited all their favorite places. 

Our first day, Markus and I wanted to relax a bit, so we didn't really have anything planned. Ryan was our tour guide for the day. Together, we decided to walk around and stop anywhere that looked interesting. We spent a majority of the morning in New Town and Old Town. We stopped for eats at some delicious places and shopped in a few second hand shops. There were some things that I remembered about the city but there were so many new things to see. Since we had a lot more time, we really had a chance to soak it in and do whatever we wanted. Thank goodness we had a great tour guide showing us all the great spots!