The National Gallery & Trafalgar Square | London, England

Trafalgar Square and I are old friends. Even though we've been before, it's always lovely to see. Despite being mere feet from The National Gallery, we never ventured inside. Why? No clue, it's something that I would be all about. It's also free, which is my favorite price. Thank goodness our dongsaeng (Korean little brother) Junnie wanted to go, because it's possible, I would've missed out again. Below are my thoughts on Trafalgar Square and The National Gallery. 

The National Gallery is wonderful and full of great paintings, but you know me, I love paintings. Most of the tourists crowded around the famous paintings, like Van Gogh's Sunflowers, which is beautiful, but there were so many other Impressionist paintings that were more impressive. I didn't even get a chance to really stop and admire Sunflowers, because there were so many people. They were just all clamoring around to get a photo and I ended up doing the same. It's kinda sad when it becomes just another photo op and not something that can be admired. It's okay though, I was able to spend time with some other lesser known paintings.

Also, did you know that in the UK they pronounce it Van GOFF and not Van GOH? Apparently, we're both wrong and it's vun KHOKH. Well the more you know, I guess. I'll be spending the rest of my life saying it properly! 

I will say that the one thing that I didn't like about Trafalgar Square was the amount of street performers. It did take away a bit of the charm of the area. Walking inside and looking at all the beautiful old paintings and then seeing Yoda or Batman levitating is a bit strange. The square was obviously packed full of people, but it was to be expected given that it was the holiday season, so I guess it was prime money making time. Either way, it wasn't my favorite.