Giant's Causeway: Part 1 | Northern Ireland


Let’s go back to 2006. Markus and I have been married for about a year and we’re about to have our second wedding. With this set of nuptials, we had an opportunity to travel abroad for a second honeymoon. Both Markus and I knew that we wanted to go to Europe, specifically the U.K. The first place that jumped to both our minds was the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. Back then, we were poor twenty-somethings with really low paying jobs and barely any vacation days. With these restrictions, we both decided to go to London for six days. Hoping that one day we would make a month long trip to Ireland, Northern Ireland and the Giant’s Causeway.

So that brings us to Christmas 2016 or we lovingly called it Happy Britmas 2016. Markus and I decided to spend Christmas and New Year’s with our friends, James and Ari in the U.K. Since Markus and I spent time in the U.K. two times before, we wanted to do something a little different and head somewhere none of us had been and that ended up being Belfast. Thankfully, Ari was able to find a day tour that took us north to a few other touristy spots. The real draw for Markus and I was Giant’s Causeway, since we didn’t get a chance to go in 2006. It only took us ten years, but we finally made it! I took so many photos, so this is just part one. As always, there will be much more!