Harvest Time Orchards | Twin Lakes, WI


It’s been three years since Markus and I went apple picking at County Line Orchardin Hobart, Indiana. I liked our experience there, but there are so many orchards near Chicago that we decided we wanted to check out another place this year. We’ll probably check out a new spot next year as well. Maybe I should make it a goal to visit all the popular orchards and see who has the best donuts. Because let’s be real, that’s why we go to orchards, for the donuts or maybe that’s just me?

This year, we decided to check out Harvest Time Orchards in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. They have lots of activities for the family: apple picking, donut shop, country smoke house, corn maze, cider barn, brat shop and more. Unfortunately we didn’t have a chance to pick apples, because you have to drive into the orchard and we were having car troubles. We didn’t want to breakdown in the middle of a family picking apples. There were a lot of people at the small orchard, but it didn’t feel too packed. There were lots of things to do so people were spread out all over. We did wait an hour and half for three apple cider donuts, but I have to tell you, those were worth it. I know it sounds crazy to wait that long for something so little, but these donuts were delicious. They were warm and light and not too sweet. I would wait in line again for those fluffy treats.