Djúpalónssandur and Dritvik Part 4 | Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Iceland

In my previous posts about Djúpalónssandur, I wrote about it's past as a fishing village and the remnants of a British shipwreck. I saved the best for last. The most amazing part about Djúpalónssandur is the atmosphere and the landscape. Most of the rock formations on the beach are from lava flows from past eruptions. The large rock fissures were created from years of waves crashing on the rocks. I kept reading reports that Djúpalónssandur was haunted and that there was an elf church somewhere near the beach. Unfortunately, we were unable to find the elf church or see any ghosts. It could've been a great end to our time at Djúpalónssandur, but it still didn't take away from it's beauty and I thoroughly enjoyed our time there.