Crêperie-bistro Le Billig | Quebec City, Canada

When one of my co-workers heard that I was visiting Quebec City for a couple days, she immediately recommended that we go to Crêperie-bistro Le Billig. I'm very glad that we took her advice because I'm happy to report that it was an amazing restaurant. The bistro is located in a cute neighborhood that offers both sweet and savory crepes.

I've only had sweet crepes filled with whipped cream and strawberries, so I was very excited at the opportunity to eat authentic French style crepes.  Markus and I went all the way and ordered the Bearn, a duck confit crepe with onion jam and the Lutece, a prosciutto and cheddar cheese crepe with mushrooms. They were both really delicious and the not at all what I expected. The Bearn was both savory and sweet, a flavor profile that I enjoy. The Lutece was a bit saltier than I liked and wish there was something that could balance the saltiness. For dessert, we decided to go really sweet and ordered the Salidou, a salted butter caramel crepe with whipped cream. It was a bit uncharacteristic for us, since we don't really like caramel, but this crepe made me a believer. Seriously, I still dream about that crepe. Markus and I really enjoyed Crêperie-bistro Le Billig, so much so that we almost went again the following day!