Alcatraz Island | San Francisco, California


If you know me, you know that I'm a fan of Unsolved Mysteries and shows like it. I especially like shows where dudes go to haunted places and taunt ghosts. They always feel a chill, but never see a ghost. I can't stand horror movies, but when it comes to the real stuff, I'm all in. My high school best friend Heather is also a fan of these kinds of shows. Her husband, who is also named Mark, booked a tour of Alcatraz Island for Valentine's Day one year. I spazzed over her pics and she promised that we would go one day. Cut to April of 2015, when she heard that we were coming to San Francisco, she immediately booked a tour for us. She's incredible and so thoughtful!

Alcatraz always seemed like one of those places that might be overrated or a tourist trap, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was my first prison tour, so it was really interesting see what it's like. It was really depressing at times and also thought provoking. I loved the inside look into the famous escape by Frank Morris and the Anglin Brothers. I still remember the episode of Unsolved Mysteries about it and wondered if the three survived or not. I guess we'll never know! Either way, it was a fantastic afternoon touring a famous landmark and getting an inside scoop on the infamous island.