Icelandic Horses & Hraunfossar| Húsafell, Iceland

Before Markus and I headed over to Hraunfossar, we took an unexpected detour. As we were driving on Route 1 toward Reykjavik, there was a portion that was unpaved and really rough. We decided to take another road that ran parallel with Route 1. Not really sure why we thought this was a good idea, but in the end it was. The road was higher up on a mountain. While we were driving we came across a team of Icelandic horses. Iceland is well known for their smaller pony sized horses. I ran out of the car immediately to get a close up. I wanted to pet one, but being allergic to all animals, I kept my distance. After spending some time squealing over their cuteness, we continued on our tour of West Iceland.

After we left those adorable little horses we continued on Route 1 toward Hraunfossar waterfall. I have to admit that by this time, I was kinda over waterfalls. Iceland is covered with them and it felt like we saw every kind of waterfall that existed. Despite this, it was still very beautiful and not like the others. Hraunfossar, sometimes called Lava waterfalls, is a series of smaller waterfalls that cascade into the Hvita River. The water of Hvita River was so bright blue and almost looked artificial. It was such a stunning contrast to the rock formations and purplish fauna.